Saturday, January 29, 2022

Massive Reversal: Don’t Call The Bull Market Dead Just Yet - Jim Grant, Jim Rickards, Grant Williams

Yesterday, Monday January 24, 2022, saw a historic reversal in the markets -- the 3rd largest on record for the S&p 500. 

But while extremely rare, it was quite predictable. 

Adam Taggart shares a compilation of expert analysts like James Grant, Jim Rickards, Grant Williams and Lance Roberts to explain why.

- Source, Wealthion

Friday, January 21, 2022

Jim Rickards Transitory Inflation Becomes Tighter Monetary Policy

Who is winning China’s trade war with Australia? 

Will central banks dare to tighten interest rates now that they’ve recognised inflation? 

Who is really to blame for all these shortages? 

And where did the term “throw in the towel” come from? Find out, from Jim Rickards himself…

Sunday, January 16, 2022

What is the Real Risk in 2022? Robert Kiyosaki and the James Rickards Project

Consumers across the U.S. are feeling the effects of inflation through home prices, gas prices, and grocery prices which have all been rising in recent months. 

There are several answers as to what all of this means for consumers this year, but two lingering questions are: what will the Fed do? And will we experience the inflation of the 1970s? 

Today’s guest gives his opinion on where the U.S. is headed in 2022. Macro-economic expert, and the best-selling author of “The New Great Depression,” Jim Rickards, says, “I would look for disinflation, not inflation, from 6-7% annualized down to 4%," due to incoming rate hikes expected from the Federal Reserve.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards & Other Top Money Experts Offer Warnings & Advice For 2022

What do top Money & Markets experts like Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, John Hussman, Grant Williams, Michael Pento, George Gammon, Wolf Richter & Steen Jakobsen think about the state of the financial markets as we enter 2022? 

How worried are they about inflation, record high prices for stocks & real estate, Federal Reserve tapering &. interest rate hikes, or a market crash? 

What steps do they recommend today's investors consider taking now?

- Source, Wealthion

Jim Rickards: We’ve Reached Peak Inflation; The Real Risk in 2022 and Why Cash Is Critical

"Expect inflation to come down very quickly," due to incoming rate hikes expected from the Federal Reserve, says NYT best-selling author Jim Rickards. 

You could see severe, "tightening into weakness," with a potential of three rate hikes next year, he predicts with our Daniela Cambone during the premiere of this year's series, Outlook 2022: The Tipping Point. 

In order for gold to gain momentum and rise in price, "the dollar has to get weaker," he says. Having money on the sidelines is vital, according to Rickards, in order to be nimble into the coming year. 

When asked about the stored value of holding money in Bitcoin, he asserts that, "when you get to the center, the core of Bitcoin's apple there's nothing there."