Friday, December 30, 2011

US to go to War with Iran, Oil & Gold to Spike

“The Obama administration has pursued diplomacy very vigorously. My view is it has failed. (The other possibility) would be a regime change. I say the war has already begun. There’s a lot of sabotage, there have been assassinations, strange things blowing up, rebellion. So there is enormous pressure being put on the Iranian regime from many directions. All of this is designed to destabilize the regime.

But I think the regime is too entrenched, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp are to ruthless. They actually buy cranes, they hang people not from scaffolds, but from cranes, and they are buying more cranes because they are hanging more people. They’ll do whatever it takes, so I don’t see regime change.

What’s left? Well, what’s left is war and that is, unfortunately, where I see this heading."

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