Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Gold Backed Currency is the Most Desirable Outcome

"The most desirable outcome is probably some kind of gold-backed currency. And, it doesn’t mean that we’ll all be walking around with gold coins in our pockets. You can have paper currencies but they can be supported by gold, and tied in some way. And you can have discretionary monetary policy, these things are not mutually exclusive. So, I think they would be the best because it would mean that government’s would stop stealing from their citizens in the form of inflation.

If you have savings or retirement, or annuity or an insurance policy, you’re dependent upon a fixed income or a fixed stream of dollars. If I make those dollars worth less, it’s exactly like stealing money from you. And that’s what countries to do their citizens, that’s what government’s do to their citizens. And, one way to prevent that is to, well, citizens can protect themselves from buying gold and countries can avoid it in the first place by having a gold backed standard. So, I think that’s the most desirable."

- Jim Rickards via a recent Finance News Network interview, read the full interview here: