Friday, October 25, 2013

Countries Want Physical Gold

The Fed’s money-printing approach to solving the problem has resulted in a financial ‘backhanding’ of emerging markets and currencies James explains, in that, “Emerging markets [keep] most of their reserves denominated in dollars…and the Fed is manipulating the dollar, manipulating interest rates, manipulating exchange rates…manipulating every market in the world…[So] the Fed is like a drunk driver running over pedestrians and then blaming the pedestrians for being in the way…Things could easily spin out of control because of the Fed’s lack of understanding of how the emerging markets are really reacting to and dependent upon the Fed manipulation.”

In response to the continued Fed mismanagement and growing world currency war, it’s becoming clear according to Jim, that, “[Countries] want physical custody of gold…[they're] positioning for the day when there’s a massive loss of confidence in paper money…You’re seeing it with massive acquisitions of gold by Russia and China taking place through channels that bypass the London Bullion Market Association…They’re buying mines in Western Australia. They’re having the ore refined right there in Australia at the Perth Mint, and then shipping the gold straight to Shanghai. They’re completely bypassing the London market where they minimize their market impact, which is a smart move. That’s what you would do if you were trying to buy gold and not run up the price. You would do everything in secret and that’s what’s going on.”

- Source, Bull Market Thinking: