Monday, March 24, 2014

Monetary Solutions Can't Solve Structural Problems

Our lead story: The global debt markets have mushroomed to an estimated $100 trillion dollars! According to the latest statistics from the Bank of International Settlements, debt issuance figures have risen from $70 trillion dollars In mid-2007 to $100 trillion dollars today. Erin gives you the scoop on the reality of our debt drenched world today.

Erin brings you part two of our interview with economist and author Jim Rickards. He argues that monetary solutions can't solve the structural problems we around the globe. Rickards argues that the only region who has made such adjustments has been Europe. Listen to learn more about how he understands structural problems and what he believes needs to change. After the break, we bring you Erin's interview with Tom Ferguson, a professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts-Boston. He brings you his insight in the huge flow of money in our political campaigns and how that affects politics.

For today's Big Deal, Erin sits down with Edward Harrison to talk about Abenomics' struggles to solve Japan's enduring economic woes. Edward believes that Abenomics is a failure. Tune in to see why.

- Source, Russia Today: