Saturday, April 5, 2014

Financial War Games Being Conducted by the Pentagon

My methodology is the same which is I’m a complexity theorist and I use a number of techniques. Complexity theory, Bayesian Technique, causal inference, network science. I have a number of scientific and analytical tools that I use to understand markets. So like any tools, the longer you use them you can refine them and get better at it.

So I’m probably getting a little better at it. But I’m using the same basic tools. See, that hasn’t changed, but what has changed is that events are actually playing out the way we expected and predicted in Currency Wars. So the new book also has forward projections, so I hope leaders can take that to heart and feel some comfort that they’re looking at the future when they read the new book.

Just to give you a concrete example. In Currency Wars, my first book, the first two chapters talk about a financial war game conducted by the Pentagon at a top secret weapons laboratory outside of Washington D.C. and a lot of readers really enjoyed that chapter. But what we did in that war game, and I was one of the planners and facilitators and I got to participate in the war game.

With some friends, we cooked up a plan whereby Russia and China would pool their gold in a UK bank with a Swiss vault and issue a new currency backed by gold and say “Henceforth, any Russian energy exports or Chinese manufactured goods exports could only be paid for in the new currency. And if you wanted some, you had to deposit your gold and the bank would give you some of the currency.”

In other words, it was a way to turn your back on the dollar and dethrone the dollar as the global reserve currency. So that was something we did in 2009 and frankly, some of the other people there, some of the Harvard types, we were ridiculed and people said, “That’s ridiculous…”

- Source, Sprott Money: