Sunday, June 22, 2014

When This Bubble Pops it is Going to End Very Badly

I actually had breakfast with some of the leading private equity investors and CEOs this morning and, you know, privately they'll say, look, the bank covenants are gone, cost of funds is very close to zero, they've got more leverage than they've ever had, the U.S. inner stock exchange has greater leverage than they've ever had, so it looks good but this is a bubble being supported by zero interest rates, high leverage.

We all know what happens, they will collapse sooner than later.

You know, stocks could actually be higher by the end of the year, based on, I expect, the Federal pause, the taper around the middle of the year. But in the long...this is a bubble. The problem is bubbles, they last longer than we think, but when they pop, it ends very badly. This is all being floated by zero interest rates and leverage.

- Source, James Rickards via FXStreet

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