Tuesday, April 26, 2016

World Monetary Collapse Coming, We Need A Return to the Gold Standard

Jim Rickards states that the world is in more dangerous position than ever. The crisis of epic proportions is on its way and the only solution is a return to the gold standard, whether the financial elite wants this or not, doesn't matter. The return of honest money is on its way.


02:00 Why The New Case for Gold, Jim's New Book & Gold Standard
05:00 10% of Your Assets Should be in Gold for Safety
07:30 Will Gold Rally in 2016?
08:40 Dollar to get A Lot Weaker, Make Gold Look Stronger
09:40 Is Gold Money? Would Gold Standard Cause Deflation?
12:00 Gold Standard vs Supply
15:10 Inflation vs Deflation
17:00 Federal Reserve Now Delaying Rate Hikes to Cause Inflation
18:10 Expect Collapse in World Money System in next Few Years